Keheningan sesaat menjelma menjadi angin merdu, yang berbisik disetiap teliga pendengar. Tergambar di imajinasiku, bunga-bunga bermekaran…perlahan…embun masih menempel di dedaunan. felling fresh and relaxed. Langit biru dilukisi oleh burung dan kupu-kupu yang berterbangan kian kemari, diperkaya oleh suara bocah-bocah berkejaran. Dan kodokpun keluar dari persembunyiannya selama ini. Ohh nikmatnya dunia. Hangatnya mentari menyentuh pori-pori kulit, dan kulihat senyum lebar dan muka cerah penduduk. Spring tlah datang. Sementara lembutnya musik mengalun … tiba-tiba semua berubah, beralih 180 derajat, imajinasi di kepalaku terampas. Turbulensi sedang berlangsung, music terus mengalun dengan irama cepat tak beraturan. Tak lagi kulihat bifurkasi-bifurkasi yang tadi tergambar jelas.


Barber Lunchtime Concerts today performed Appalachian Spring by Aaron Copland (1900-90). This works was originally composed as a balet. It told about a pioneer celebration in Spring around a newly-built farm house in the Pennsylvania hills in the early part of last century. The principal characters are a bride and her young farmer husband.This composition is full of spirit with youth and spring, with optimism and hope


Life isn’t as simple as we think. However, some may think that simplifying their life leads to their happiness. I got small book, full of reflection of life, colorful (unless one page while darkness is covering happiness), full of baldy Bod’s face and Aunt Flo. Alice gave it to me 3 days ago. ‘Bod’s Way – the meaning of life’. Pretty good, eventhough I am not Tao followers. it definitely worths having the book. It is said that it is the way of nature. Like water, it flows everywhere. Everything follows the way. Being comes from non-being. In with the whirl out the swirl. It sounds so simple, well … do you believe in your destiny?

Here comes the following words, There’s the wind’s way and the water’s way,…and there’s Bod’s way.

Everybody wants to know the way to happiness. Let the grass grow under your feet and never let your footprints get ahead of you. You have to be straight before you can bent, what goes up might come down. GO WITH THE FLO(w)! Is that the nature of life ??

We often sit in the silence without knowing why the silence speaks to us.The leaf achieves without words, the flower unfolds, the spider spins, the snail trails. The bee stumbles out ot the flower, drunk with honey. The silence is broken – a frog jumps in the water, plop! LIFE IS FOR SMILING.

The usefulness of what is not is like making a bowl out of clay, it’s the empty space inside the bowl that makes it useful. “What a stirring thought,” thinks aunt Flo ,”I couldn’t mix a cake in the bowl if it were full”

“I couldn’t put me helmet on if it had (huge) strawberry in it, or somebody else’s head.”

“I couldn’t fill my fuel tank unless it was empty”. Well … i couldn’t fill this weblog unless it was empty 🙂

we like to empty our head …then FILL IT WITH DREAMS.

Flo and Frank enjoy more peaceful things – like walking under the cherry trees when they’re in blossom. They’re sad when the blossom falls and the leaves and cherries have gone.(only branches left)

“But look!” says Bod “Now you can see more of the sky through the branches” … THERE ARE MANY WAYS TO LIVE OUR LIFES. Let they travel across spring stream streams, summer meadows, auntumn fields and winter snows.

Then … I close the book with full of smile. It, little bit, relieves my burdens.


What unlucky day today! What I’d prepared is useless. We had media workshop. For me, it was more tiring rather than Exciting. But at least I have great experience, interviewed by famous reporters from Sky TV. So apa yang kupelajari dari hasil interviewku hari ini : firstly, always be aware that answering leading question, rather than putting accross your own message. Jurnalis gak bakalan peduli apa yang pengen kita sampaikan, mereka lebih care apa yang menjadi concern mereka. Secondly, Don’t respond off the cuff unless you’re absolutely sure of your facts. Jadi hati-hati kalo ngasih pernyataan. Thirdly, never say “no comment”. Lahhh yang ini sih daku cuman nyontek dari Dessy Ratnasari (Lol).


Today’s joke :


“Russia and China are joining France and Germany in opposition to what they say is turning into war by Pres. Bush. See, that’s how smart Bush is. He’s bring the world together, he’s a uniter, not a divider.”

“The Bush administration said today there is a lot of support for us to attack Iraq. Exxon, Mobil, Texaco, Chevron, British Petroleum, they’re all lining up.”

“Some Democrats say the estimated $60B cost of a war could be better spent at home. When he heard that, Pres. Bush agreed and announced plans to bomb Ohio.”


“President Bush will not personally attend the Earth Summit, but he sends his greetings to the people of Earth.”

And finally, I do not know who said this: “President Bush is aware about global warming. In fact, he called it, SUMMER.”