Impossible Figures


Escher. 5 Years ago, when I was introduced to his name and his work I suddenly fell in love to this kind of art. I may call it as impossible figures. See the pictures above, ‘Beveldere’ and ‘the Waterfall’. His other works include Concave and Convex, High and Low and many more. See this for bigger pictures.

Maurits Cornelis Escher is a dutch graphic artist with amazing and wonderful art. He is also well-known for his Metamorphosis I which metamorphoses the Italian town Atrani, coast of Amalfi into a cartoon figure. One of my favorites among his works is Metamorphosis II, not because reptile, one of my fave animal Gecko- I’d better call it as a pet since my Mom is having it as a pet- was pictured there.

Shigeo Fukuda, a sculptor who creates optical illusions, once tried to make three-dimension model of Escher’s Water Fall. Briliant!

So .. you may ask me why all of the sudden I talk about Escher. I got a nice book called ‘Onmogelijke Figuren’ by Bruno Ernst as a present while we’re celebrating the birthday of Sinterklaas. I enjoy the book very much.

5 thoughts on “Impossible Figures”

  1. halo mbak, salam kenal juga, seneng bisa tahu sampeyan juga dari Malang?…blognya keren, informatif, bilingual lagi 😀

  2. — Hedi — Arema emang di mana-mana, bakso langgananku yo wong malang pisan.
    — Ambar — dibuku itu dicritain ttg teknik menggambarnya sekaligus brp ukurannya shg keliatan realistik… sayang bukune ditulis dalam boso Londo. Aku ra mudeng.
    — BU Guru — Krn St Nicholas B’day tgl 6 Dec. Dan negara ini merayakannya sehari sebelumnya so tgl 5 Dec.

  3. If you like M.C. Escher’s waterfall go and have a look at Shigeo Fukuda, he is a graphic artist who constructed “waterfall” in wood… beautifull!!!!

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