Gazing at star

3 days ago, when Mijn SVN told me that he spent 3 hours laying on the grassy ground gazing at the star without knowing the name even one star, I suddenly think it was a pity.

Don’t you know it’s June, meaning that the night sky will be flowered by Scorpius, my constellation. Though the best time to enjoy the constellation is July and August. You may also find Crux and Centaurus tonight. But , how can we recognize Scorpius? It’s easy, at 6.30 pm when the dark has come , try to seek the constellation at South East. You may easily find Scorpius as described in the picture bellow. Afterward, you can point out Antares, the red one which is in the heart of Scorpius. I always name it as Red Antares as it is red and very obvious to our naked eyes. Then you can follow by grabbing Shaula and Lesath, all together. They occupy the stinger of the Scorpius. Shaula which is twice wider than our Sun, has blue color. What about Lesath, Shaulas’s soulmate. It is 7 times wider than our Sun. They always look together in our eyes, so that I recognize them as a couple of soulmate . In fact, they stay further away from each other. Shaula, the light that we see now is actually existed 280 ago, while Lesath is existed 1600 years ago. Perhaps they’re gone now and becoming star dust. Well i wont argue for this. I have no exact explanation.

So tonight, if the night is clear and you don’t have anything to do. Why don’t you try to take a peek at ‘my lovely Antares, Shaula and Lesath. Let me know if you have found them :).


5 thoughts on “Gazing at star”

  1. I did.. I can see your constellation since i learn it from a sky software a couple days ago..hehehe.

    sayang rasiku yang keren..*cieeeh* masih berada dalam dekapan sang surya.. jadi belom bisa diliat.. jadi penasaran menunggu datangnya malam-malam bulan desember nih 😛 pingin liat gugusan pleiades, hyades, aldebaran, dan crab nebula xixixi..:)

  2. @Phoenix: Kenapa tidak tunggu si Phoenix melayang di langit? indah juga koq. Nanti ya Januari of Februari kita tengok si Pleiades.
    @Gita: Cassiopeia indah juga koq Git. Sayangnya bulan ini tak tampak di langit malam.
    @Nova: Piye Kang, wis ketemu tah? jok jok nemune bintang toejoeh poejer obat sakit kepala.

  3. Hi Novi. Nice blog you have here.

    Gazing the night sky is my hobby since my childhood age, elementary school age to be more specific. Back then, my only guide was “Peta langit” printed on the inner side of the back cover of “Atlas”. I usually went out to see the stars every evening right after I finished “ngaji” following Maghrib time prayer. At first, none of the constellations listed found by my naked-eye observations. But slowly, I can recognise them and finally noticed that the field cover by a common constellation is very wide. I was very surprised knowing that Scorpius spread for more than 90 degrees eye-field wide. My first constellation recognation was Ursa major, the big Dipper. Not one of the zodiacs.

    I missed that moments so much. Now I live in the city where the skies can barely show the stars. And reading your post here surely brings back my memories.

    Thanks for publishing this nice experience of yours.

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