I was annoyed by some cars which passed by since their champaign due to the representative city council election. it’s so noisy actually. this brought my memory to the time when i was in my grandma’s village, long time ago. People from cinema would annnounce their coming movie from place to place by driving a car.

Look at from marketing context, it is a’noise’. They may not achieve the main aim, since some people may be resist. They perceived this as annoying rather than informating, including me ^_^.

Well, I’ve been doing my assignment about e-democracy. UK is one of the leaders. E-participation and e-vote have been applied in some municipals. ICTs has been exploited to encourage citizen engangement in political issue. So, when talking about the city council election, apparently what has happened is that the candidates of the representatives prefer conventional way in promoting their vision and encouraging their followers. it is seen that e-participation is somehow difficult to be fully applied.

some people are still questioning the existence of citizen engagement. Citizen disengagement is perceived as the key threats in the practice of e-democracy. While some believe that e-democracy will widen citizen participation, sceptical argue that it could narrow the participation. While technology restriction is not a problem, how likely the people who have used internet for many kinds of purposes, such as commercial and education, will utilise it for political engagement (Griffiths: 2002). However, I still believe that Aristotelian model of direct democracy will be exercised worldwide soon. E-vote has proved that it enhances citizen participation in many ways.

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