Maastricht, when the past meet the future

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I’ve been few days in
Maastricht, exploring the city day and night before my class had begun. The city belongs to the past since Romans started building a settlement near ford across the Meuse River. The name of Maastricht is derived from the Latin ‘Mosae Trajectum’, the site where the river could be crossed. The first time I stepped in to the old inner city, i felt the ambience of the 20 centuries history. Its old building and small cobbled streets brought me experiencing to the past.

As many people know, this city had been witnessing the birth of European Union, when the signing of the Maastricht Treaty was taken place. It contributes to its international reputation. The city also accommodates many offices of international companies and some Europeans institutions. However, apart from its development towards so called international city, Maastricht remains as it is, a historical city with thousands stories.

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