I got a nice short message this morning from my best friend in a small island on the eastern part of Indonesia.

When the sun had been around 30 degree high above horizons, She wrote me this: β€œGod is wise, while we’re sleeping, He grants us a beautiful dream. In fact, He is much wiser as He wakes us up so that we can start making our dream come true.”

One reason I like to wake up early morning is that it allows me to take a look at the new day-sun. You can barely stare at the sun when it is already high. The new day sun is a sign of His presence. My eyes catch His strength. My skin pore absorbs His grace. And my heart feels His enduring love.

Hey, goede morgen Schaat, … will you smile at the sun?

5 thoughts on “Morning”

  1. pokoknya…pokoknya….pokoknya…mulai senin ini harus bangun pagi lagi!! anyway, edensornya udah ada nov…

  2. @Vira:Senin … tahun depan ;). Hihi akhirnya punya Edensor, padahal aku dah niat ngirimin ke Palembang. Kalo Kite Runner udah belum, bahasannya indah, seindah Edenson.
    @Nova:Wah pancen kelakuan tekan dhisik ra brubah.

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